Who Are We?


S.C. Forestoise 3 is a team founded in 2020. The soccer club S.C. Forestoise had existed for a long time, so there was already S.C. Forestoise 1 and S.C. Forestoise 2 that were part of the soccer club. S.C. Forestoise 3 was founded afterwards by 2 friends who wanted a chance to play soccer and games to measure their level against other soccer teams. In doing so, they invited all their friends to complete the team. S.C. Forestoise 3 started like any other starting team at the lowest level of Belgian soccer, in ABSSA Division 5. The first year could be seen rather as a discovery phase. It was the year where the team was built up, where new players joined the team, where the different players got to know each other better and learned to play together, and also the year where a team spirit was being built up.

In the second year, it can be said that there was a great evolution of the team. That year the team really gave itself the goal of winning all the matches and thus trying to move up to a higher division. They succeeded in doing this. S.C. Forestoise 3 is now in ABSSA Division 4.


A big goal of our football team is trying to win as much as possible and thus become champion of our championship in our division. Thereby we will try to rise to a higher division.

Another very important goal of our team is to create a close bond between the different players. We don’t just want to be seen as a football team, but rather as a family. A family that uses all their strength during a football match to overcome the opponent and become champions.